Have you always wanted to own your own boat in the Méditerranée but do not know how to handle this and fear the costs and the problems, we will offer you a chance.

Chartermanagement Kroatie

Through us you can buy a boat and put it in our charter fleet in Biograd. We take care of your yacht, do the service and maintenance and do the bookings. You can use it for a few weeks during the season and out of season if the boat is not rented, unlimited.

In the weeks when you do not use the boat yourself, it is offered as charterboat on the international market to make money so you can pay the high costs for maintenance, insurance and berths with that income and maybe even have a little earning at the end of the year. Your Yacht is maintained and supervised by our professional crew, and the bills are paid while you sit carefree at home. This way you can sail on your own yacht from Biograd na Moru, one of the busiest places on the Adriatic coast, close to Zadar Airport and close to the beautiful Kornaten National Park.

No worries for you; you can sail whenever you like in a unique envirement, the costs are covered and your yacht is in professional hands.

A good deal for all parties.