Sell your boat

How to sell your boat.

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Listing your boat:

It always starts with a visit on board where we inspect the boat and discuss with you the asking price and a strategy to sell your boat as quickly as possible.

Establishing a right asking price is particularly important for successful sales; A too high price will discourage buyers, but a too low price causes distrust.
In addition, we advise you on what can be improved or changed on your yacht to increase the chance of sales. Sometimes this is just cosmetic but it may also be that things have to be repaired or added. In general, we can carry out the work on our yard so that excessive costs can be avoided.

Sales contract:
If you decide to go on board with us, we will set up a contract describing all the conditions. If you sign this, we can start selling. It is important that you can prove that you are owner of the boat and that the VAT is paid. If the boat is registered we will check the registration. Because it regularly happens that older yachts have little or no paper available, we will check everything and advise you on what to do to complete the documents.
Together with you, we will make an inventory list that will be published on the internet. On this list we put all the ship’s equipment such as the rigging, instrument, machinery and what has recently been improved and replaced. Based on this list, potential buyers will make their offer so it is important that everything on this list is actually present and works.

Jachtmakelaar Zeeland At Sea
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Costs of our service:
Our service is based on no cure no pay. If the boat is not sold, you will not be charged for visits or advertisements. When we sell your yacht we will charge a commission of 8% excluding VAT from the selling price with a minimum of € 1500, – euro. If the sellingprice is more then of € 50000, – the commission is 6% excl. VAT. It is possible to rent a berth inBrouwershaven at a discounted rate for the duration of the sale. These costs will be charged quarterly as well as the cost of any repairs or cleaning we carried out.
Part exchange:
A big advantage is that we also take yachts in part exchange or buy them. If there is a buyer for your yacht that still has a boat, we make him an offer on his old boat. We have a large network of traders elsewhere in Europe who buy boats from us for their home market. Especially smaller and older boats are sold to Eastern Europe.

If a potential buyer decides to purchase a yacht, this generally begins with negotiations on price and delivery. The price negotiations are always in consultation with you and you determine the selling price. If there is an agreement on the price and on the further conditions then most buyers will want a seatrial. If this is ok, they will hire a surveyor to check the boat in and out of the water. This whole process is supervised by us. The seatrials will be accompanied by an experienced sailor who ensures that everything goes smooth. It is therefore important that your yacht is always ready for testing.
If this all leads to a sale, we will provide the necessary documents and the final delivery. The deposit will be put on an escrow account until everything is tested. After testing everything and approving the balance will be transferred to our escrow account and we will transfer this to your account.
for the buyer we can organize the transport to his homeport either by sea or by road. With the network we built over time, we are able to do this quickly and efficiently and at a competitive price.

We will gladly make an appointment with you on board to discuss the possibilities for selling your yacht.

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