Yachtcharter Zeeland

From the historic center in Brouwershaven we charter a number of sailing yachts, open boats and motorboats. We have several different types of boats for the day- and weekcharter. Because we sail with older but technically good yachts we can keep prices low so that a sailing vacation on the Grevelingen is affordable to all.

You leave in Brouwershaven, in the summer a lively place on the Grevelingen lake with various restaurants, a supermarket and a marina with a boatyard, winter storage, toilets, showers and free parking.

From Brouwershaven you will immediately reach the Grevelingenmeer. This is the largest saltwater lake in Europe, spacious enough and very enjoyable for sailing or other water sports. On the different islands there are piers where you can stay overnight but there are also many quiet places where you can spend the night behind your anchor. The water is clear, without tide difference and currents, making it particularly suitable for swimming and snorkeling.